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Ask Your Favourite Cafe or Restaurant for Pasteurised Eggs

Given the potential dangers of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella being present in eggs, and the numerous outbreaks that are on the rise, many people are wanting a safer egg alternative.

Australian Pasteurised Eggs has the solution, with eggs that have had 99.999% of harmful bacteria eliminated from the shell, the egg white, and the yolk, using a special pasteurisation process that makes the entire egg safe.

Pasteurised eggs are perfect for anyone who is concerned about the Salmonella outbreaks within the egg industry, as well as pregnant mums, young children, the elderly and people with compromised immunity.

The more people who ask for pasteurised eggs, the more pressure and demand there will be for supermarkets and food distributors to stock them.

And that will mean, safe eggs for EVERY Australian.

So, demand safer eggs on your plate.

Ask for Australian Pasteurised Eggs when you dine out.


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