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Australian Pasteurised Eggs Ambassadors

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Celebrating and supporting the establishment of pasteurised eggs in Australia, our new ambassadors, Jo Cleary, Gabrielle Thoreau, and Ngaire Hobbins are loving the safety of our eggs, which have 99.999% of the bacteria completely eliminated!

It is with great excitement that we announce Jo Cleary as an Australian Pasteurised Eggs ambassador. Jo is an Aged Care Strategic Advisor, Facilitator, Consultant and Change Agent.

Jo collaborates with Aged Care Providers to optimise and innovate the meal service to increase resident satisfaction, better manage costs and improve systems & processes. Jo reviews the increasingly complex meal service end to end to make the invisible visible and guides strategic direction. She finds hidden waste, hidden costs, hidden resources and hidden opportunities.

Jo is now working on a collaborative solution to measure the amount of nutrition consumed daily for each resident in aged care. #agedcare #eggs #nutrition

As Jo explains: "A poor meals and dining experience can lead to malnutrition, a major issue resulting in risk of falls, illness, injury, reduced quality of life and premature death."

Gabrielle Thoreau

Australian Pasteurised Eggs welcomes Gabrielle Thoreau as our ambassador. Gabrielle has over 40 years hospitality experience and has always been strongly committed to promoting simply beautiful, healthy food.

Gabrielle is a highly respected Food Safety and Quality Consultant/Trainer now focusing mainly in aged care environments. Gabrielle is actively working to promote safe, quality food and dignity in dining for older Australians and those who may struggle to speak for themselves. #agedcare #eggs #healthyfood #dignity #foodsafety

Ngaire Hobbins

Australian Pasteurised Eggs is delighted to announce our ambassador, Ngaire Hobbins:

"I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for Australian Pasteurised Eggs. This is such an exciting food innovation and is especially wonderful those of us passionate about the care and support of people in residential or community aged care. I'm sure the most common request I have from clients and aged care cooks/chefs alike is "Why can't we have soft boiled/poached eggs?"

Well, now everyone can and that is going to make so many people very happy!"

Ngaire is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a varied career including more than a decade in nutrition communications, providing nutrition expertise to the food industry and developing educational resources for a variety of clients.

Her three books: Eat To Cheat Ageing, Eat To Cheat Dementia and Better Brain Food, offer evidence based advice in everyday language, alerting older and younger adults alike to the unique nutrition needs of ageing and how combining the right food with activity helps avoid malnutrition-related physical and mental decline.


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