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Product Description

Pasteurised Shell Eggs produced by Australian Pasteurised Eggs® are shell eggs that have been pasteurised to destroy Salmonella bacteria and other pathogens in a precision warm water bath pasteurisation system.

Shelf Life

Cartons are dated with a Julian date designating the day of pack.

Cartons are dated with a Best Before date of 90 days from the date of pasteurisation.


Australian Pasteurised Eggs are available in a range of sizes and production systems.

Our product is available in:

Catering packs (6 x 30 pocket trays)

Production Method:   Cage, Cage Free, and Free Range

Sizes:   Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Liquid Pulp

Sizes:   500g and 2kg packs


Health, Safety, and Handling:

Culinary Applications

Australian Pasteurised Eggs are safe to use fully cooked, partially cooked, or raw.


Safe to use in all recipes calling for pooled eggs.


Keep refrigerated for quality. Refrigeration is recommended by the manufacturer during shipping, storage, and when not in use to ensure the best texture, taste, culinary performance, and shelf life. Quality will begin to diminish if left out of refrigeration or exposed to high temperatures during storage. Therefore, it is recommended to return eggs to refrigeration within 8 hours of removal from refrigeration.

Handling and Preparation

Once removed from shells, pasteurised shell eggs should be cooked, served, or placed under refrigeration within 4 hours to prevent cross-contamination from the kitchen environment.